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We know this is a very difficult time for everyone and whilst you may may feel under pressure to ensure that you are undertaking hours of learning at home, we would like you to consider the following: Some of our children are anxious and scared at the moment; some of our parents are anxious and scared at the moment; some of our staff are anxious and scared at the moment. None of us have experienced anything like this situation before. The reality of being off from school will at first seem like a fun time, a bit like the summer holidays, not the reality of having to stay at home and not see their family and friends. As things continue over the next few weeks, anxiety may grow and be shown through changes in behaviour and attitudes towards normal tasks and routines. What we all need now is to feel comforted and loved, to have that feeling that everything is going to be OK. If you can take the children out into the garden or take them on walks please do so. Play games with them - board games, imaginary play, playground games; watch movies together; take part in science experiments together; virtual field trips; start a book and read together as a family; take the time to do nothing together as a family on occasions.

School will be here with open arms to welcome you all back when this period of uncertainty is over. If the children have regressed educationally please do not worry about this. When we are all back in the classroom, we will all work hard to meet the children’s needs as we do everyday in school. Our staff are experts at this and will show compassion and kindness to all of our community.

The most important thing at this time is your child’s mental health and wellbeing and your mental health and wellbeing. They will not remember what they did during this difficult time, but how they felt at home with their family. We wish all our families the best in this tricky time and hope that you remain safe and healthy.


Below you will find some resources that may support the wellbeing of you and your children at this time