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Each week children are given a spelling rule to practise. Here you will find a selection of words that demonstrate their spelling focus for the week. The children will be practising these as well as others that follow the same rule or pattern.

IXL Maths units are also set as weekly homework and will be used to either introduce the children to what they will be learning next week or will consolidate the work they have been doing this week.

Year group Spellings IXL Maths units
Reception N/A E.4 E.5
Year 1 

Split diagraph u-e words

e.g. cube

U.3 U.6
Year 2

'ful' suffix

e.g. grateful

AA.1-5, M.1-5
Year 3


e.g. wear/where

W. 1- W.5

Year 4

Prefixes ‘anti-’ and ‘inter-’

e.g. anti-clockwise, interchange


Maths-Y5, Y8

English-C3, C4

Year 5

Words with combinations of double and single consonants.


supposed, beginning

T9 - T16
Year 6

‘-tious’ and ‘-cious’ word endings

O.1, O.2, O.6