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Being safe online (e-safety) is increasingly important as both adults and children alike live their lives through the internet. We ensure that children are reminded of the SMART (Safe, Meeting, Attachment, Reliable and Tell) rules before starting a lesson using the internet. However, most of the unternet access that children have is outside of school and therefore we want to ensure all our families are aware of the importance of keeping safe online. 

Should you become aware of an incident, threat or concern when using the Internet with your child, we would ask that you inform the school so that we can share the information with the rest of our community.

Below are some links and websites that may be useful to you:

The website covers:
-The things parents/carers should be concerned about when their children use the internet
-Some conversation starters so they can talk to their children about concerns

-A technology guide for parents
-Information on how to put parental controls on their home wifi
and much more. 

The NSPCC website is parent-friendly and informative too:

Its slogan is 'TEAM' (talk, explore, agree, manage) 
It gives advice to parents/carers about how to: 
-Talk: communicate with their children about their online usage 
-Explore: the internet with them
-Agree: on rules 
-Manage: the user settings

It also has a list of online games and apps that children may be using and what is and isn't safe/ appropriate for children. The website includes a helpline (0808 800 5002) for parents who want to talk about concerns or learn how to set up parental controls and/or privacy settings.