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Helping Your Child at Home

Helping your child at home can have a huge impact on your child’s ability to understand, retain and develop their learning at school. At Millennium, we not only ensure that homework is set on a weekly basis, but we also encourage our children to read regularly and use online learning sites for 15 minutes each day. 

We believe that parents and carers must foster their child’s love of learning by regularly listening to their children reading aloud and by checking in with what their children are learning at school on a daily basis. 

Here you will find a number of resources to help you enhance your child’s education in the comfort of home, as well as suggested support and guidance during Covid-19.

Online Learning Resources and Google Classroom

Please visit our 'For Children’ tab to view our extensive list of suggested websites, resources and links to Google Classroom.


Being online is an integral part of children and young people’s lives. Social media, online games, websites and apps can be accessed through mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets – all of which form a part of children and young people’s online world.

The internet and online technology provides new opportunities for young people’s learning and growth, but it can also expose them to new types of risks.

Sometimes it isn’t enough to protect children from online harms by simply banning sites or installing firewalls and filters, as such at Timbercroft we encourage our parents and carers to maintain an open and ongoing discussion about online safety at home/as a family/with their children.

If you’d like to find out more on how you can support your child online, please view our suggested guidance below: 


NSPCC Online Safety 

NSPCC E-Safety, Supporting Parents and Carers 


Please take a look at these leaflets for suggestions of how to support your child with their mathematical fluency.



Parent Workshops

At Millennium we host parental workshops throughout the academic year. Regular updates and invites will be sent via our newsletter.

Home Learning Support for Children with SEND

If you’re looking for extra support for Children with SEND, please view our suggested tools and information on this page.