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Year 6 - Jamaica and Madagascar classes

 Welcome to Year 6 - Jamaica with Jordan and Madagascar with George!

It was great to see so many of you at our annual 'Meet the Teacher' event on Monday 16th September! The presentation that was shared with you is now available by clicking here.

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A message from Jordan

Welcome to Year 6 Jamaica class! Hi, I'm Jordan the class teacher. I am passionate about Performing Arts, which is why I love being the Music leader at Millennium and relish the opportunities to put on and/or attend a performance - watch this space! One event I am really looking forward to this year is Year 6's annual school journey, it's going to be quite an adventure! We are lucky to share our classroom with three other adults and they are: Steph, who is training to be a teacher, Gin, who is our learning support assistant in the mornings and Kim,who is our learning support assistant in the afternoons. On this page we will be sharing our learning journey throughout the year! We have such a fun-filled and exciting year ahead and we cannot wait to share it with you; we will explore some interesting topics this year such as 'Marvellous Monarchs', 'World War 1 and 2' and 'Angry Aztecs'! So check back here regularly to follow our learning journey.‚Äč

November Update

Jamaica class have had a busy but exciting start to the year and lots of fantastic learning has taken place! We began the year getting to know our class country. Some of the learning opportunities have included: learning patois; its location in the world; physical features of the country compared to the UK; the national symbols; creating graphs about the weather; painting landscapes of tourist attractions. After a few weeks, we jumped straight into our next topic - Marvellous Monarchs!  We have enjoyed learning about the Tudors this term and Henry VIII's ruthless reign as King of England. We have written hybrid texts about Henry's reign, which are on display in our classroom. As well as exploring lots of the key events that took place, the children have worked really well to include a range of the key writing skills we have been working on this term. To support our writing we have also painted portraits of Henry VIII and his six wives. Alongside our topic, we have used our core text 'Macbeth' to work on the 8 reading skills (infer, decode, retrieve, relate, language, compare, summarise, predict), as well as writing a character study on the character of Macbeth and how he changed throughout the play. To finish off our core text we had the opportunity to take part in a Macbeth drama workshop, which we all thoroughly enjoyed as we know the story so well! Check back next term to see what learning our next topic will bring!



March Update

During Spring 1, Year 6 studied World War 2. We explored the Blitz and wrote poems and newspaper reports all about it. We looked at the geography behind WW2, for example which countries were involved and who was on which side (The Allies and Axis.) We spent some time looking at the devastating effects of the concentration camps and created propaganda posters against Hitler. In art we recreated artwork originally completed by Henry Moore ('Shelters in the Tube'), we built up the skills needed to complete the artwork and then we had a go at a final draft. We visited the National Army Museum to gain some more knowledge about WW2 (especially the effects on London), we looked closely at some real artefacts and tried on different uniforms. Year 6 were also set the challenge to work in teams to design and create air raid shelters out of junk modelling - look at the photos or pop into Jamaica class to see how well they came out (I certainly was impressed!) We will be showcasing what we've learnt at our whole school summer exit point, 'Tunnel of Time', please look out for our display boards. We have also filmed a news broadcast about the Blitz, where we got into character, wrote a script and tried to make it as real as possible. We filmed and edited the video clips and cannot wait to share it with everyone in the summer! 


A message from George

Welcome to Year 6 - Madagascar class.  I’m George, the class teacher, I am new to London and have recently moved from the Midlands.  I love maths and science as well as occasionally finding time to play board games with friends.  I have been working as a supply teacher for the last 2 years, so have used this experience to gain a variety of skills and ideas from a lot of different classrooms.  My time at Millennium so far has been very fun and I have particularly enjoyed spending the first few weeks getting to know the class and establishing a fun and engaging place to learn.  Our first 3 weeks in the classroom have been spent exploring our class country; which is Madagascar, the 4th largest island in the world. We have learnt lots of information about the island and its inhabitants; both people and animals, and I am sure that the children have lots of facts they would be willing to share with you.  Similarly, we will be keeping you up to date with our current topics and work on this page. Look out for our next topic which is Marvellous Monarchs, followed by World Wars I and II, as well as Angry Aztecs and Survival of the Fittest. Be sure to check this page regularly for exciting updates on what we have been learning.