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 Welcome to Jamaica Class with Jordan
and Madagascar Class with George!

Our Learning in the Autumn Term



Maths Overview

This half term we are focusing on getting back on track with our maths. We have carried out baseline assessments at the beginning of the term, identifying any gaps in Year 6's knowledge and targeting these areas. One particular area we are starting with is place value and number as this underpins much of the other learning that will take place. We will be working on accuracy and efficiency with regards to various mental and written methods of calculations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division broken down into many steps, including a mix of number and word problems. Similarly, we will be practising arithmetic every week, focusing on quickly and accurately answering number problems as well as practising our time tables multiple times a week.

English Overview

This half term we will begin our learning with persuasion. Our outcomes will be in the form of a propaganda poster and a formal broadcast set in 1914 calling on men to join the British Army. Children will draw upon their existing and new knowledge learnt in our History lessons to support them with our English outcomes this half term. We will cover the features of these persuasive outcomes, how effective they were in 1914 and how we can use the relevant persuasive literary devices to create our own. Watch out for our posters and listen out for our broadcasts on our school twitter page! Just before half term we will also be studying some famous poets such as Wilfred Owen, Sigfried Sasson and John McCrae, who all wrote poems with imagery during WW1. We will aim to use their famous poems to create our own poems with imagery about life in the trenches. In Reading, we will be studying the classic novel 'Carrie's War' written by Nina Bawden. We will use the 8 reading skills (decoding, retrieving, summarising, inferring, predicting, meaning, language and comparing) to immerse ourselves into the text.

Check out our other learning in the documents below

You will find knowledge organisers for some of our foundation subjects. These detail the core knowledge that the children will be covering.