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 Welcome to Russia class with
Nayla and Leah
and Italy class with Isabel!

Our Learning in the Autumn Term

Maths Overview

This half term we will be starting with number and place value, as this underpins, most of the learning in maths this year. This includes comparing numbers up to 4 digits, identifying up to 1000 more or less than a given number, negative numbers through zero and roman numerals. Towards the end of the half term we will be focusing on Addition and subtraction, including formal column methods using pairs of 3-digit numbers with exchanging. We will also be focusing heavily on learning our times tables ready for the times table test next summer. Every Thursday there will be a times table test. We will also be practicing arithmetic every week, focusing on quickly and accurately answering number problems using the most efficient method.

English Overview

This half term we will begin by exploring traditional fairy tales through drama and role play and writing our own versions with and Egyptian twist. We will be focusing on adding more detail and description to our writing using varied vocabulary and sentence types, including fronted adverbials and complex sentences. We will then use our newly acquired knowledge in History to write a letter in role of the archaeologist Howard Carter describing his magnificent discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb. Finally, we will be looking at the features of instructional writing and writing a set of instructions on how to perform mummification using the correct technical terms, simple precise language and imperative verbs.

Check out our other learning in the documents below

You will find knowledge organisers for some of our foundation subjects. These detail the core knowledge that the children will be covering.