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Year 2 - Nigeria and Japan classes

 Welcome to Year 2 - Nigeria class with Laura and Nigeria class with Amy!

It was great to see so many of you at our annual 'Meet the Teacher' event on Monday 16th September! The presentation that was shared with you is available by clicking here.

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A message from Laura

Welcome to Japan class! I love all things performing arts; performing myself, directing/choreographing shows as well as teaching the subject too. One thing I am super excited for this year is our end of topic exit points, I can’t wait for you to celebrate your children for all the hard work that has gone into creating such fantastic work. 


A message from Amy

Welcome to Nigeria class! I'm Amy, the class teacher. In my spare time, I create paintings using different media. Art is my all-time favourite subject and I am very excited to get stuck into my role as Art and DT leader at Millennium and continue the artistic legacy that the school already has. In Nigeria class, Mary will be working alongside me as our learning support assistant to work with groups of children every morning. I can't wait to start our fabulous topics in Year 2: The Great Fire of London, Perilous Pirates, The Stone Age and Roald Dahl stories. Keep up to date with the hard work and proud achievements that Year 2 have to offer by checking out this page regularly.


Year 2 so far...

Since the start of the Autumn term, we have been immersing the children in cross-curricular subjects relating to our class countries, Nigeria and Japan. We intend to use these first few weeks to focus on our geography skills where we will be comparing the climates in our capital cities to that of the climate in London. In addition, we are currently on a secret mission that takes place in Unifix City. The children will be using calculation skills involving addition, subtraction and multiplication to solve problems to save the world! 

As of the week beginning 23rd September, we shall begin learning about our first topic, The Great Fire of London. This will be the focal point of our learning across the curriculum, culminating in the hosting of an exit point in school towards the end of November (dates TBC). 

 Year 2 Top Tips to help your child at home:

-regular reading of both fiction and non-fiction texts

-asking your child questions about what they have read, for example: What do you think will happen next? How do you think that character is feeling? Why has the author used this adjective here?  etc.

-practise spellings in a variety of ways

-practise of times tables 2x, 5x, 10x as well as others

‚Äč-let them relax after a hard day at school!