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Welcome to Japan Class with Laura
and Nigeria Class with Amy!

Our Learning in the Autumn Term


Maths Overview

Throughout the Autumn term, we will be covering Number and Place value and exploring these areas in a variety of different ways. The children will be taught different calculation strategies which draw on their understanding of Number and Place Value from Year 1, and we will use these to explore more complex problems. Children will be taught strategies to remember their 2x. 5x. 10x, 3x and 6x tables. We will focus on counting in steps during each lesson and we will endeavour to recall these with speed and accuracy. Every Thursday there will be a times tables test. Within each lesson, children will be encouraged to demonstrate their understanding of the Knowledge Objective in several ways before moving on to tackle challenges. In year 2, we will be heavily focussed on teaching the children how to reason mathematically. We will use sentence stems to help children to explain how they know that their answer is correct and key vocabulary will be displayed on our working walls for them to use.


English Overview

This half term we will be looking at traditional tales and we will be rewriting classics focusing on sentence construction. We are using 'Talk for Writing' strategies alongside orcay to help children understand phrasing, punctuation and sentence structure. Our practical sessions will then translate into actual writing and children will use their newly gained knowledge to retell and improve 'Goldilocks and the 

Three Bears'. For the second half of this half term we will begin our historical narrative where the children will be writing their own story set in 1666, during The Great Fire of London. Here we will focus on writing a setting description using sensory language.

You will find knowledge organisers for some of our foundation subjects. These detail the core knowledge that the children will be covering.