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Welcome to China Class with Steph
and Wales Class with Ayesha

Our Learning in the Autumn Term

Maths Overview

In the first two weeks of this half term we will be focusing on place value, developing understanding using manipulatives such as Dienes and Numicon. We will continue to develop fluency in counting from 0-20. In addition, we will be ensuring that children are able to write numbers in words, spelling them correctly. We will continue to use partitioning to teach addition and subtraction and the children will be taught their number bonds to 20. They will use this knowledge when solving number problems. As the term progresses, we will be focusing on volume and capacity using a practical approach linking with our Science learning on rain gauges.

English Overview

During the first two weeks of this half term the children will be focusing on non-fiction genres, they will be writing instructions to support their simple sentence structure and use of punctuation. Throughout this half term they will be learning about the following word types, adjectives, nouns, verbs, impertative verbs and temporal conjunctions. They will then be looking at poetry leading into them writing their own winter poems. In line with our history topic they will be writing about Queen Victoria and a recount of a day in the life of a victorian child. As part of our christmas topic during the final few weeks of the term, the children will be writing christmas wish list and letters to santa.

Check out our other learning in the documents below

You will find knowledge organisers for some of our foundation subjects. These detail the core knowledge that the children will be covering.