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School Council

 We are proud to announce the successful candidates for our School Council 2017-2018!

Y2 Goldsworthy - Sam and Israh

Y2 Matisse - Remi and Vivan

Y3 Lichtenstein - Aashvi and Ivan

Y3 Lowry - Harrison and Lola

Y4 Warhol - Violet and Abdullah

Y4 Hokusai - Aarion and Ava

Y5 Gormley - Jenny and Chev

Y5 Ofili - Harvey and Timi

Y6 Kahlo - Ife, Alan and Jack

Y6 Escher - Maya, Jake and Libaan









A huge congratulations to you all! We look forward to seeing all the fabulous projects you get involved in this year. Remember to check back regularly for updates.