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Our Curriculum

At Millennium Primary School we believe learning should be exciting - our ultimate aim is to provide a highly enjoyable, creative curriculum which not only incorporates the National Curriculum but the needs, thoughts and ideas of every learner in our school.  Our creative curriculum ensures that all of our pupils are motivated, engaged and enthused about every learning experience, inspiring them to become lifelong learners.

At Millennium our teaching and learning takes place within a topic based curriculum approach.  This means that wherever possible we group our subjects around a topic.  This topic-based structure has been effective in enthusing staff and pupils because of the many creative opportunities for links across subject areas.  It covers the National Curriculum points of study in a way that makes learning interesting and engaging for all of our pupils.  The design of the curriculum takes into account the needs of all pupils.  It values their diversity and allows them to make excellent progress within their learning.

The curriculum we have developed is based on an annual cycle where each curriculum year is divided into five distinct topics.  All topics are linked to a whole school theme creating a focal point for everyone’s learning.

Immersing children in topics like ‘Angry Aztecs’, ‘The Circus’, ‘Rotten Romans’ and many more not only provides exciting learning opportunities, but also allows them to be inquisitive and passionate about their learning.  Throughout a topic, children work towards an exciting exit point in which they can share their learning with parents and friends of the school. 

Children of Millennium planned and organised their own London Bus Tour.

Had their work exhibited in a London Art gallery.


And directed their own movie which premiered at Greenwich Picturehouse.

This creative curriculum approach has made a huge impact on the way children learn in our school.  They are excited about the topics and are able to develop a wide range of skills that they will then be able to carry with them throughout their lives. 

 If you would like to know more about the Curriculum at Millennium then please contact Hayley Redmond, Deputy Headteacher, via the school office.