Maritime Academy Trust

Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Our Staff

Our hard-working staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of all of the children in our care. We are committed to making learning both enjoyable and meaningful.

Executive Headteacher
Debs Joyce 

Head of School
Cara Took 

Deputy Headteacher
Hayley Redmond

Assistant Headteacher 
Beth Freeman 



Ari Blyth

Middle Leaders

Laura Whittingham, Nayla James, Sophie Elkins, Jade McDermott, Tia Scott-Williams

DSP Leader

Ari Blyth


Class Teachers

Nursery: Scotland - Ayesha and Brooke 

Reception: India & Kenya - Laura and Lucy

Year 1: Wales & China - William and Brittany

Year 2: Nigeria & Japan - Jade and Emily 

Year 3: Spain & Northern Ireland - Alex J and Alex O'D

Year 4: Russia & Italy - Nayal and Rosie 

Year 5: Australia & Vietnam - Alison and Abby 

Year 6: Madagascar & Jamaica - Sinead and Sophie 

DSP: England - Alex S 

PPA - Mo, Charlie, Rob, Rosie and Leandro 


Learning Support Assistants
Alessandra Orlandi, Alicja Chowaniec, Mahnoor Arif, Daisy Coxhill, Donna Hall, Edith Koroma, Fontane Leung, Geraldine Burke, Gin Birdee, Halima Qureshi, Holly Williams, Huriye Yumlutac, Hurma Demiri, Kim Monori, Michelle Parmenter, Nell Welsh, Oyin Akinniyi, Patricia Nielson, Rashida Khawaja, Ramona Watson, Sam Basham, Swati Sharma

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)
Gin Birdee, Holly Williams

Site Supervisor
Paul Perry

Midday Meal Supervisors
Chris Keskin, Sue Saunders, Gemma Saunders

Breakfast & Extended Day Staff

Nell Welsh, Pauline Tracey, Hurma Demiri, Mo Hashim