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We are pleased to be supported by our team of dedicated governors at Millennium. Their main role is to set the strategic vision and direction needed to achieve excellence across the school and to keep it accountable through target setting, budgeting, monitoring, observations and evaluation.

Ofsted 2015

"The highly effective and exceptional leadership and vision of the executive headteacher, head of school and governing body have brought about significant improvements in the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and their behaviour since the previous inspection so that these are now outstanding...Governance is a strength of the school’s outstanding leadership. The range of governors’ expertise, skills and knowledge of the school is excellent. Governors bring challenge and support to the school’s leaders and skilfully analyse performance information, national data on pupils’ attainment and rates of progress...They clearly understand the link between high quality teaching and pupils’ achievement, and are determined to secure the best for their pupils. Value for money is key for governors in their financial management of the school... They are united in their commitment to the school and are a driving force in ensuring that the curriculum promotes pupils’ outstanding academic outcomes and strong personal development."  

Millennium Governors’ Strategic Vision

We prepare children for the next stage in their lives by focusing on...

Our Key Principles:

  • Independence
  • Collaborative learning
  • Risk-taking
  • Self-belief
  • Communication skills
  • Academic achievement
  • Strong leadership (including governors), outstanding teachers and a dynamic learning environment are the keys to brilliant outcomes for our children.
  • All children are expected to make at least good progress no matter what their starting points. Children must make an effort to do their best in every area.
  • We expect a calm and industrious environment with an emphasis on respect and manners.
  • Teaching encompasses a cross-curricular, project-driven approach that reflects and embraces our diverse community.
  • Children are prepared for the future with an innovative curriculum that develops entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills and boosts creativity and adaptability. We want our leaders, teachers, and students to think outside the box.

Board of Governors Structure

There are six Governing Body meetings a year, in which the whole team discusses a range of topics including policy reviews, pupil attainment and progress. Linda Callaghan is our dedicated and experienced clerk.

All of our governors sit on at least one of our committees, which meet each half term in addition to the full governing body.

These committees are:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Resources (includes Finance/Budgets and Personnel)

Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation

Decision Matrix

Local Governing Body Code of Conduct

Terms of Reference

Governor Job Description

Transition Board Terms of Reference