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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Our Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to provide our children with a curriculum which develops them as 21st Century learners and citizens and prepares them for the next stage of their learning. We believe that our approach supports all learners, no matter their starting point by holding high aspirations of their achievement. 

21st Century learners will not only need knowledge, but skills too! 

 Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for coverage, but goes beyond this through our entrepreneurial curriculum and Big Outcomes which develop children's cultural capital which is vital for the needs of our school community. 

Our intent for reading is for every child to become a successful reader during their time with us at Millennium and ultimately to develop a love for reading. We believe with the right support, curriculum, resources and parental engagement that every child can develop the skills they need to succeed in reading and to be able to fully access both our curriculum and their future learning. We support all children to develop a love of reading and to find their own areas of interest which will help improve their skills and understanding and enhance their knowledge. 

We are committed to sharing a variety of hogh quality texts which will lead children from the initial stages of learning to decode words, right through to challenging their thinking, enhanicing their knowledge of the wider curriculum and developing them as independent researchers and lifelong learners. 

Coming Soon 2022/23

'The DfE have announced that the UK government’s Net Zero Strategy will support the transition to net zero and 190,000 jobs by the middle of the 2020s and up to 440,000 jobs in 2030. The increased investment and legislation for nature’s recovery driven by the Environment Act will also create many green jobs in the nature sector. Creating an environment from an early age where we are able to connect to nature is essential for self-enforcement in protecting and valuing nature’.'

As a school we are committed to embedding this strategy within our school and will be working on the carbon neutral agenda as part of our curriculum, making links to the Sustainable Development Goals