Maritime Academy Trust

Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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At Millennium, we believe all children, no matter their starting point in life,  should be exposed to experiences and opportunities to stimulate, challenge and develop them as citizens.

Millennium Primary School is based in South East London where we utilise both our location and the cultures around us to achieve our curriculum intent and to promote our core values. 

The school’s curriculum is designed using the National Curriculum, our school values and enrichment of the community we live in. To achieve our intent we believe that children should be given opportunities to develop independence in their learning through teacher modelling and direction with opportunities to take risks, make mistakes and learn from working together collaboratively. 

Our curriculum  inspires and motivates children to be lifelong learners, equipped with the skills,  knowledge and values to succeed both at Millennium and in  their life beyond us. 

Our values are the thread that weaves through our school life, including our curriculum. They are a feature of the knowledge and skills we teach across subjects and the attitudes to learning that we seek to develop.