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Year 6 Host Royal Banquet

It was a ‘Right Royal Occasion!’ tonight when Year 6 hosted an amazing Banquet fit for a King or Queen.

Year 6 children hosted an evening for their parents and friends, where they shared their learning of ‘The Monarchy’ – a topic studied in depth over the last few months. The children, now experts on all things royal and in the past, invited parents to a banquet that mirrored a grand occasion from decades and indeed centuries gone by, fit for a king or queen.

Parents arrived at the school at 6pm and were invited to take a seat in the ‘royal banquet hall’; their arrival accompanied by melodic music played on the violin and piano by some of our talented children. After being seated, parents were treated like royalty as Year 6 children tended to their every need by serving them delicious food and drink whilst also entertaining them with a fabulous Royal Quiz. Each team was aided by receiving a fantastic highly polished and professionally published booklet of all things royal! The children had created a guide which described all their learning about the monarchy for parents to refer to and read.

Families could take the opportunity to dress up in royal outfits, crowns and robes – and have their picture taken… and with the help of Green-screen Technology they saw themselves transported into a photo in front of backdrops that were historic and even decadent. Thank you to Jack for being our fabulous ‘Royal Photographer’!

Everyone got a chance to sit on our gigantic thrones and take photos and parents were encouraged to buy pieces of children’s art, depicting their child’s favourite monarch.

There was a real buzz in the air as teams of families competed in the quiz and the evening ended with the winners receiving prizes for their team efforts. Everyone had an absolutely marvellous time and we would like to thank all the families and friends that attended.

To all the children in Year 6 - congratulations for all your hard work. Tonight was an amazing event and you should feel very proud of yourselves!

Particular thanks to Caz, our wonderful cook, for all the delicious food. And a HUGE thanks to all the staff that helped, especially Cara and Tom, who gave so much of their free time to make sure that tonight was a real success.