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Year 4 Bench Ball Tournament

On a beautiful spring morning, Year 4 took to the pitch for a bench ball tournament. After weeks of honing their skills in preparation for a competition against Timbercroft, they were disappointed to learn that the opposition were unable to make it. Instead they had a fabulous morning participating in a class vs class tournament, with Warhol crowned the undisputed champions, winning 6 games to 2. To end the morning, some brave teachers took on the challenge and competed against Year 4 at playtime. A huge thank you to all the staff who took part and congratulations to all of Year 4 on their superb skill and sportsmanship. Check out the photos below!

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Summer Term 2015 We love Maths and Literacy in the DSP. In Literacy and Topic we are making bridges and making Instructions to say how we built them. Our Topic is "Clever Constructions". We are being like "Iggy Peck"; architect.

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