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Year 3 Go Back to Roman Britain

On Thursday 14th January Year 3 concluded their Rotten Romans topic with a tantalising trip through a time tunnel, travelling all the way back to Roman Britain. Upon entering the school hall you were forced to reveal your true allegiances: Were a you Roman or were you a Celt? 

Lichtenstein and Lowry went on to embark upon a variety of historical adventures from becoming Boudicca's Celts preparing for battle, Roman Baths salesmen, Murderers involved in the death of Julius Caesar and traditional story tellers.  Parents were then treated to some of the culinary delights of Roman Britain, from the luxury of imported Roman grapes to the basic Celtic breads and porridge that would have been every soldier's breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

The children of Lichtenstein then went on to perform a melancholy dance of worship to Celtic Gods followed by a fearsome Roman battle dance by Lowry class.  

The children rounded up the adventure by showing parents their art work which was on display in the hall. This was then followed by a challenging quiz where the children grasped the opportunity to show off their in depth knowledge of Roman Britain.  

Leanne and Antonia would like to thank all of the parents who came and supported Lichtenstein and Lowry on this day and offer a well deserved congratulations to all of the children who took part.