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Year 2 Pirate School and Sleepover

What a very exciting evening! We dressed up in our finest pirate attire and attended Millennium's Pirate School. There was a variety of information around the hall to showcase and teach our parents all about pirates. On arrival, parents were treated to a  biscuit that we baked ourselves but they had to watch out for the weevils!  The activities included building pirate ships on Minecraft, labelling continents and the seven seas on the laptops, designing treasure maps, testing out our treasure wagons, using our pirate facts to answer a quiz and after all of that they could relax with a pirate book in the pirate den. Pirate school closed at 8pm and then some children and staff stayed the night! They all snuggled into their sleeping bags to watch Muppets Treasure Island and then enjoyed a peaceful night's sleep (even though we had some snorers!). It is safe to say we had a wonderful and eventful evening!    

A great big thank you to everyone who came along and made the evening such a huge success!