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Tough Mudder - Fundraising


A teacher’s life is easy- all those holidays and 3:30 finishes left us wanting to do more for the children. So, marking aside, we decided to do a 12-mile assault course on a wet, dreary, cold Saturday morning. As many of you will remember, we had been asking you to empty your back pockets of extra change to sponsor us for this gruelling task. As if running through ice cold water and electric fences wasn't enough, we also carried out various fundraising events ahead of the big race. Which reminds me, never let 200 children loose with plates full of ‘pie splat’, otherwise you’ll spend the next fortnight trying to get it out of your ears.

Thanks again for all of your sponsorship. We truly appreciate it and your money and support has gone a long way towards achieving our goal of raising £2000 for a new bus library for the playground.

 Check out our highlights below. It’s easy being a teacher, isn’t it?

The Tough Mudders pose before setting off to the event. Not a splat of mud in sight.

A stroll in the park for our Executive Head, Nick Osborne. Honest…

Jen and Joanna arrive. Relieved, they show off the fact they still have all of their working limbs.

Jack braves a few high voltages. No biggy!

Spot the differences between our ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.