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Positive Parenting Workshops

Positive Parenting workshops took place at Millennium Primary School on Thursday 9th November and Thursday 16th November. These were facilitated by Pete Brown, a family therapist from CAMHS. A huge thank you to all the parents who attended, the mornings were a great success! See below for all the positive feedback...

“I’ve learnt how to stay more positive and calm when it comes to my child misbehaving.  Learning how the brain is split up into three main parts.  I’ve also learnt how there’s more than one combination to a child ie. A child who is very energetic and shy at the same time.  Personally I’ve found this short course useful”. 

“The importance of positive praise and play.  Being present for my child”.

 “The positive parenting course has been a great refresher for me.  I have been to this before and it reminded me of a few things and taught me a few new ones.  It also highlighted how different my parenting style is from my husband.  Hopefully I can teach him something new before the holidays”.

“Using ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ is a very useful tool, 8 praises to 1 command, Routine chart are all 3 things I will be using from now on”.

 “The workshop was brilliant, everything relating to parenting skills is useful. It was helpful to learn about how to use ‘praise’ and avoid ‘criticism’. Knowing about useful books is also helpful”.

 “Today I got the useful information about less criticism and more praise was very useful.  And time out information was very useful for me and very informative”.

 “Ways to communicate to my child calmly, positively talking and less criticising”.

“Helpful, descriptive positive praise, I usually forget to be more detailed with my praise.  To remember that rewards (small) are important”.

 “Use techniques/methods.  2 weeks is rushed.  Would have been more valuable to have a longer workshop and more role plays would be more valuable”.

 “I found this session very helpful, very interesting and solved some issues and answered questions.  Thanks for the workshop.  I wish I had it before earlier when my son was around 1-2 years old”.

“Learned best to focus more on good behaviour rather than bad.  Spending 10-15 mins each day which will definitely help”.

“Learn to modify my voice/tone what I say. Tips in praise, I’ll be more specific.  Refine use of rewards/marble jar – make it more specific to each child, so it will better serve its purpose.  Very good workshop”.

 “Very useful tips and tools which I have used effectively.  Time to think about my parenting style – the good and the bad!”.

 “Good to know how much praise to use 6-1.  To limit timeouts – use only as a last resort.  Take 10 minutes to play with child and give them your full attention.  Loved the parental workshop.  Would like to focus more on sibling rivalry and how to calm us down as parents at the spur of the moment.  Learned a lot about descriptive play and praise”.

 “Usefulness of play in relationship building especially with 2 siblings.  I do a lot of play anyway but using dedicated one to one is important.  Command storm and not going into reptile mode.  Found this very useful for stressful times of the day.  Also the importance of routine”.