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Forest School

Forest School sessions in Reception are well underway and are proving to be hugely popular!

This week it was raining heavily during our Forest School session so we got dressed up head to toe in water proofs and headed out to make waterproof dens. We tied some waterproof material to the trees and sheltered underneath. We made a pretend bonfire and stirred some Autumn soup in our den. When the weather had cleared we gathered in base camp for our biscuit and discussed the natural changes we observed in our Forest School area now that the weather is becoming much colder.' Check out our dens in the gallery below!

We have also been exploring the Forest School area and learning the Forest School rules. We went hunting for natural treasures such as interesting sticks, shiny rocks and leaves with strange colours or patterns on them. We played snap with our treasure and found somebody with similar treasure to ours. Finally, we sat around base camp to eat our biscuits and discuss the interesting things we had observed in our session. In another session, we read the story 'Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson. Then we went on a hunt for sticks to make the perfect body, arms and legs for a stick man and searched for leaves for his head. After we had made our stick men in groups, we had a look at other children's stick men and discussed what we liked about them. We enjoyed our biscuits whilst discussing our favourite part of the Stick Man story.'

This week got into the Christmas spirit at Forest School. We sung the song 'Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer' and listened to a story about Rudolph. Then we used natural materials and some extras to make our own Rudolph! We also had hot chocolate with our biscuit this week, yum!'


Check back to this page regularly to take a look at the photos from our sessions!