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Music at Millennium

Music is an important part of school life at Millennium. It is part of the curriculum, and children are able to experience and enjoy music in a variety of different ways. Children are given many opportunities to sing, play, and listen to music, including in assemblies, end of year shows and community performances.  Music helps children improve their self-confidence, be creative and develop a sense of achievement.

Music in the Curriculum

Each class has a weekly music lesson provided by their class teacher in our dedicated music studio.  This gives them the opportunity to use their voices to sing, to compose music on their own and with their peers, to listen to different music genres and to learn a musical instrument in a whole-class music lesson. 

Children also learn to explore the way that music is created and communicated through pitch, notation, dynamics, tempo, structure and texture.  

Music in the Community

The Key Stage 2 choir rehearses once a week and showcases their talent in the community in a variety of different situations.  This year they have performed at The O2's Young Voices Concert, at the Cutty Sark and North Greenwich tube station to raise money for charity.

Millennium also incorporates musical talent into the Christmas and end of year shows. This gives children who are not as experienced in performance the chance to build their confidence and demonstrate what they can do to their friends and family.

Music Tuition

As well as weekly class music lessons, Millennium also offers private music lessons from peripatetic music teachers in violin, cello, piano, drums and guitar. These lessons are timetabled during the school day and children regularly perform in assemblies.