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Year 6

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What is Year 6 like?

Year 6 is an exciting time of primary school life, and not just because we finally get to sit on the benches in whole school assemblies. We are all given responsibilities and integral roles which help the smooth running of the school and, in doing so, we mature and become role models for the rest of the children.

Year 6s work hard all year to prepare for the impending SATS in May, but that doesn’t stop us having a little fun along the way. Come on in and have a look at what we’ve been getting up to this year.


Literacy lessons allow us to be a lot more creative and this year we’ve taken on some fantastic roles. Treachery, treason, ghosts, ambition, dark secrets and the occasional murder: we kicked off the year reading the story of Macbeth and, to put it simply, we LOVED it. At first we thought Macbeth was a noble, Scottish warrior, but seeing the way he transformed into a monster kept us gripped throughout.

We thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of Lady Macbeth too. Have a look at our diaries.

 ‘Dear diary,

Before I begin, my dearest apoligise for the tears that may cascade onto thee; I can no longer endure the pain that seems to eat me alive every time I look at him. The guilt, with every step I take, drags me down like a heavy rock attached to me whilst in a sea – a thousand metres deep.

Before the ordeal I took on the role of a loving wife; I spent days mourning his absence, but now just a glance of his shadow is enough to bring illness to the surface and make agony call at my door. Why? Why me? Me, who has to live in excruciating despair.’

 Gracie, 10 years old, Kahlo class.

We also became detectives and took part in a murder mystery to try and piece together who killed King Duncan in his sleep. With this information we wrote newspaper articles to warn the area of Glamis of the recent incident.


Mighty Monarchs

We’ve delved back in time this term, all the way back to the days of Edward the Confessor. We created a timeline of all the Kings and Queens who have run this country and then started looking a little deeper into their roles and what we uncovered was more than a little unnerving. For example; Queen Anne had 18 children, all of whom died; Oliver Cromwell banned the celebration of Christmas; and James I lived in constant fear that people were trying to kill him that he always wore a padded suit.

There were some light-hearted facts such as King Edward potatoes were named after Edward VII and Queen Elizabeth owned over 3,000 dresses.

We wanted to know more about the woman who currently runs our country so our very own Jett wrote to her and we got to find out what the Queen gets up to when she’s not ruling the country.

Trying to cram a 1000 years of history into one term was quite hard and we’ve decided to sum it all up by hosting a royal banquet complete with a hog roast, jesters and an array of entertainment. Here we are taste-testing to see which soup we want to dish up.


We do numeracy and literacy lessons every morning. You might think it sounds repetitive, but that’s FAR from the truth.

In numeracy we don’t just multiply big numbers together or find as many fractions, decimals, and percentages as we can. Although we CAN do those, numeracy lessons test our RESILIENCE, help us to COMMUNICATE and work as a TEAM. Not to mention working under pressure.

We started the year with a plane hurtling towards the ground and a pilot behind the wheel who’d been stricken with sickness. ‘What on Earth does this have to do with numeracy?’ I hear you ask. Well, this was our very first investigation…

After a discussion about how to tackle this, we decided to act it out in the playground; easier said than done. We then spent the next few days seeing how many moves it would take working systematically. Come and look at our working out. Who said primary school was a doddle, eh?

So there you have it; just a normal day in the classroom for year 6. Please come back for more. Next term we’re delving into the world of Natural Disasters…