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What is a School Council?

The School Council is a group of pupils elected annually to represent the views of all pupils in order to make improvements to how the school is run.

Who are they?  

At Millennium we have a total of 12 School Council members, two children from each class in Years 2–6.   

Some Council members hold additional responsibilities such as the secretary, who takes minutes and distributes papers, or  the chairperson, who runs the meeting using the agenda and encourages participation from all representatives.

What do they do?

Meetings are held weekly for 45 minutes and are supported by the Learning Mentor.  Light refreshments are offered at the end. The School Council has been instrumental in obtaining views from children and staff and making suggestions for change. 

 In 2013 -2014 the School Council:

  • Launched and judged a school-wide art project to improve an area of the playground
  • Designed a pro-forma for classroom discussion and a questionnaire to gather information on the children’s experiences during play and lunch times
  • Created a presentation for Governors, Nick and Joanna about playtimes. 

  • The School Council used the viewpoints of other children as the basis for a pitch to the leadership team, requesting money for new equipment and delivering ideas for how lunch times could work differently. Nick and Joannna then agreed to release funds to the school council after watching their highly impressive and professional pitch. The School council then used this money to create a plan for lunch times and ordered equipment for our new play zones.

How does a child become a representative?

Children need to apply in writing to the Head of School. 

They must be a good role model, able to show respect and good behaviour, modelling the school values and ethos. 

They should have an abundance of ideas and be interested in their school environment.

They should want to promote the School Council via public speaking and to use their talents to aid in the promotion of the School Council's work.